Hello, welcome to my website.

I am Rina Mialimalala, a Malagasy-Swiss chemist and artist. Best known as the founder of ticinolab® in Ascona, with the mission to empower Science, to inspire the next generation and to promote access to scientific knowledge. I love teaching scientific workshops to general public, especially youth and children. More on http://www.ticinolab.ch.
Blue is my favorite colour, I don't have green fingers and a bouquet of mixed coloured flowers makes me happy. My work is mainly based on Alternative Process.


Ascona-based artist, Rina Gandolfi was born in Madagascar. After moving to France at the age of 18 to pursue the dream of living  and studying in Paris, Rina opted for a general field with a Bachelor in Life Sciences, to later continue with a Master in Medicinal Chemistry at the University Paris Descartes.

At the age of 24, Rina moved to Switzerland as she was offered the opportunity to specialize in Organic Chemistry and Photochemistry during a PhD program at the University of Fribourg.

Driven by an immense desire for creativity, she slowly developed her artistic style, combined with the passion for chemistry, hence the name artechemist®.


Mixed Media
Alternative Process


For any commission inquiries please contact Rina directly at artechemist@bluewin.ch